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Choosing Falsetto or Truebello


Under the nooks and cranies,
Spirit speaks to me
Singing songs of days gone by
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
The Beatles sang the song
The words forever true

Look forward Abraham tells me
Create your own reality by shaping your thoughts
Stay with the ones that feel good
Skip over the ones that are not so good
Don’t dwell in muck, just switch the minds track
Focus focus focus
Some say hocus pocus?
Words ring true– I try

Then Pema Chondron tells me
Feel the feelings,each one in the deepest part of your body
Associate their message with the gut or throat or part where they reside
Walk head on, feel the completeness of being human
Do not avoid the frighteningly horrible
Even though you think you might go off the deep end
If you do, you will come back.  The feeling lasts an instant if you attend to it.
And then it is gone, like a firefly flash.
Perhaps the feeling just wants attention, like all of us do,
Wanting to be heard so it Knows it has relayed the message.
Like the phone that rings and rings until you pick up,
I try .
When I feel with focus,
It dissipates, effortlessly.
I commiserate with my human ness.

Gently nudging  my thoughts to the positive
I look for the sunshine in my friends
Yes, that feels good
I notice a display of ego or selfishness
But I am training myself to skip across
Like a flint stone tossed on water.
For negativity is only one figment of my imagination
And simply a reflection of my own lacking,
It deserves no attention.

How do you freshen each day
When thoughts run round and round like roulettes’ silver ball.
Spinning circles as you wait for a landing on some conclusion
But the thoughts  don’t land, they just spin and spin
These are the ones I can do without
Give it a rest.
Follow the breath,
Think nothing
And out of the deep emerges – ahhh something good.
Keep it there.. hang on– add more to it
Wallow in the luck and inspire
Reside in the sweetness .

We all are made of nasty and rotten
Goodness and sweet caring
Laser beam into the goodness and life becomes good
Your thoughts pleasing
There is space for love.
Keep it there.
Feel the soothing, oozing power of love.
This feeling is our birthright — how living was meant to be
Good  feeling thoughts create a good reality for ourselves.
I reach for the good so I can waft in the sweet aroma.

Some days I wonder, can I really shape my thoughts?
If I can spend time with the people I choose,
Perhaps I can spend time with the thoughts I choose, no?
Can you build patterns in the brain?
When the route is new you easily get side tracked
But eventually , with practice, you dig a groove
And it is easier to follow the path
Like the depressions on the marble steps of the St. Paul cathedral.

I don’t want to be a polyanna.
I don’t want to be an ostrich -head in the sand.
I don’t want to be a victim.
I don’t want to be a floating leaf
falling in the autumn wind
and landing in a mud puddle.
I know what I don’t want.

I want to direct my thoughts so they create goodness in me
But yet I want to feel the full array including,
All the sorrow and deep despair of my human being
I won’t linger but it will be an education
In empathy and compassion.

When I take a moment to feel the nagging feeling,
There it goes like a dew drop evaporated in the morning sun.
Feelings come and go like a slideshow.

If thoughts precede feelings,
I nudge in the better feeling direction.

Don’t leap to conclusions like jumping jack flash.
Don’t judge em- up,  size em up, and dismiss
For you risk losing your connection to the beautiful human being
That stands in front of you.

See the brightness, the good nuggets.
The connection brings the love
The feelings flow toward the good ones.